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A step by step process and toolkit for starting the perfect peer led mastermind group. 
are you ready to stop feeling alone in your business?
while being your own boss is amazing at first..
it didn't take long for you to realize:
  •  It’s hard to stay motivated when you're alone
  •  You need an outside perspective to make sure your ideas make sense
  •  You need friends who understand the #smallbizstruggle
imagine what it would be like to:
have a group of boss ladies you meet with 
on a regular basis to move your business forward!
This is exactly what I created for my mastermind group a year ago. 
And it’s why I created the "Mastermind Starter Kit". 
Because I want you to finally start your own peer led mastermind group.
what is a mastermind group?
a group of people who get together on a consistent basis to offer support, feedback, 
and new ideas, that will help you progress from where you currently are.

which type of mastermind group is right for you?
there are two types of mastermind groups:
peer mastermind group:
a mastermind group you start or join for free with other business owners who are at a similar stage of business - to help each other grow through your business challenges; by providing support, feedback, and accountability.

premium mastermind group:
a mastermind group you pay to join that is led by an industry expert who is expected to know the answers to all of your questions, can connect you with the right people, and usually has an included educational aspect. 
you may not always have thousands of dollars to invest in a premium mastermind.
but you still want the benefits of being in a mastermind group.
if that’s the case then you should start a peer led mastermind group.
when you start a peer led mastermind:
  •  You and your peers don’t have to pay to be involved (it's free)   
  •  You get to choose who you want as members of the group
  •  You set the tone and guidelines of what’s expected
why you should start a peer led mastermind group
if you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with 
you should surround yourself with people who can:
  •  Be a fresh pair of eyes for your business
  •  Understand what it's like to own a business
  •  Give you honest feedback
  •  Keep you motivated through their drive and ambition
  • Hold you accountable on achieving your goals
  • Support you when everything is going wrong
so what is the mastermind starter kit?
it's the when and how of the exact steps i took to create my peer led mastermind group.
with these proven steps you'll be able to quickly + easily
start your peer mastermind with perfect combination of boss ladies!
"nevica is literally the mastermind whisperer"
Irene Hardy
Brand Designer
"Nevica is literally the Mastermind Whisperer. With her guidance, our mastermind has become one of the most valuable assets in my business - and my favorite part of the week. Our mastermind group is the lifesaver I didn’t know I needed until Nevica worked her magic! "
this starter kit takes you from:
  •   Having no interaction outside of your head or your business
  •  Having a hard time staying motivated and positive by yourself
  •  Feeling alone and having trouble taking action
  •  Having a lack of support, accountability, and feedback
  •  Being able to reach your goals much faster than doing things alone
  •  Getting the feedback and support you need to make decisions
  •  Having peace of mind knowing you have friends who understand you
  •  Having the combined knowledge of bosses with amazing ideas
in the starter kit we cover
the three phases to a successful peer mastermind:
PHASE 1: Finding the right members
  •   Decide who you want in the group
  •  Decide on group size
  •  Find your members
  •  Interview potential members
  •  Get members to commit
PHASE 2: Start your meetings 
  •  Schedule your regular meeting
  •  What tech to use and how to set it up
  •  How to host the first meeting for a great start
  •  Regular meeting agenda
PHASE 3: Nurture the group relationship
  •  How to communicate after calls
  •  How to best support each other
  •  How to keep members engaged and excited
  •  How to coordinate your first in person meetup
  •  How to gracefully leave or end a mastermind group
the tools and resources included are:
this entire plan is available via the course website where you can easily follow along, search, and access each step.
every phase starts with a checklist
so that you never miss a step! 

you'll have the exact emails i sent my mastermind members to get them to join so you can copy, paste, and send yours!
the exact guidelines to send your mastermind to show them what you expect of them and what they can expect from you. 
a non-disclosure agreement to send to all your members so that everyone feels safe when sharing their thoughts and ideas.
the exact tools i use to run my mastermind meetings and videos of how i use each.
who this starter kit is for
  •  The boss lady who knows the benefits of a peer mastermind group and wants to find an intimate group of her own biz besties
  •  You’ve never been in a mastermind and are ready to start one 
  •  You’ve been in masterminds but they fell apart, it was the wrong
    combination of people, or no one took it as seriously as you wanted
    them to.

who this starter kit is not for
  •  Someone who is already in a mastermind they love
  •  Someone who does not want to start a peer mastermind group on their own
"she’s discovered a fool proof way to create successful mastermind groups!"
Alisha Johns
Creative Director
"Nevica is a stellar connector of people. It’s with these skills that she’s discovered a fool proof way to create successful mastermind groups and I will forever be grateful to her for sharing her knowledge. Being in a mastermind has helped me to make bold decisions and to take my business to new levels, I wouldn’t have known where to find one without her!"
but wait, there's more!
Bonus Case Studies
hear the successful stories of others who have created incredible peer mastermind groups. learn how they found their members, what the combination of personalities and people are, how they run their group, and what their mastermind dynamic looks like. this will give you even more ideas for how to start your successful peer mastermind!
who am i?
and why did i create this?
Hi I’m Nevica!
I’m a digital small business owner, and one year ago I got fed up with feeling completely alone. I spent all day in front of my computer, not having a clue if I was doing things right, and not having anyone to ask for help or to at least let me know they felt the same way! 

I soon realized I needed to make friends and fast, or I would probably quit this online biz thing. So I thought about what type of people I wanted to be surrounded by, found them online, and convinced them to join a weekly peer to peer mastermind group with me! 

One year later we have all exponentially grown our businesses, shifted industries, and have become friends for life. The only way to successfully grow your business is by having a group of other boss ladies by your side to support you. 

So I created this plan to make it easy for everyone to start their own peer led mastermind group!
i’ve seen first hand how starting a peer mastermind group
can change the course of your business.
but are you still not sure if you should start a mastermind group?
  •  Unsure of the decisions you’re making in your business
  •  Feeling like no one understands the ups and downs of owning a business
  •  Struggling to stay motivated working on the same thing with some times little to no progress to show for it
  •  Have a group of supportive business owners be your sounding board
  •  Have a group of business owners who can relate to exactly what you’re going through
  •  Have a group of business owners who are working towards and accomplishing big goals which will inspire you
"nevica knows how to get the right group of people together 
at the right time in order to create massive shifts in your life and work"
Kelly Elizabeth Scott
Content Coach
"Nevica did the behind-the-scenes work to put the right women together, set up the logistics of our mastermind, and lead it in a way that felt safe, calm, and empowering all at once. Nevica knows how to get the right group of people together at the right time in order to create massive shifts in your life and work. I wholeheartedly recommend learning from her if you want your own tribe of likeminded, ambitious women. "
after completing this starter kit you will:
  •   Know the exact combination of who should be in your mastermind 
  •  Know how to find your mastermind members
  •  Get members to commit to the group and take it seriously
  •   (Even if they don’t know you)
  •   (Even if you think they're “more experienced” than you)
  •   Start your mastermind meetings
  •   Know the exact agenda for each of your meetings
  •  Know what tools to use to keep your meetings organized
  •  Know how to nurture the group relationship to become great friends
  •  Know what to do if things go wrong and how to it handle with grace
frequently asked questions
is this starter kit for me?
have you been feeling alone in your business and wishing you had friends who could be there for you to talk to when you feel like giving up or when you're stuck and don't know what to do next? or have you been in a mastermind before but it didn't work out because it wasn't the right group of people or the members didn't take it seriously enough? if there's one thing all successful people have in common it's that they surround themselves with other smart and successful people who share their knowledge with each other. if you're ready to find your business besties, and create an environment in which you're too supported to fail, you need this step by step plan and tool kit, to find these new friends as soon as possible!
why do you call it a starter kit?
because it's literally the step-by-step of every single thing you need to do, when you need to do it,  and the tools to do it with, so you can start and maintain a mastermind group you love.
when does this starter kit start and finish? 
the entire kit is available for you to download and take action on immediately after purchase. there is no start and end date.
what format does the starter kit come in?
the starter kit is available via an online course site. directly after purchase you'll be sent the url to the course site where you'll be prompted to create a username and password to login to the starter kit with.  the entire starter kit is currently available as text, except for the tech videos and bonus interviews which are in video format.
how long do i have access?
how does lifetime sound? the entire starter kit is yours forever! including any and all updates that will be made to the material in the future.
can't i figure this out myself?
as smart as you are - of course you can! you can figure anything out yourself. the real question is - is it worth your time to figure it out when i've already made all the mistakes and built out a proven system? if you do it yourself you'll be wasting days if not weeks trying to get your group started and possibly even worse - start a group with the wrong people and then have to end it because it's not benefiting anyone.
will you answer my questions?
this is a self study starter kit, but if you do have questions I'd be happy to help you out! Just shoot me an email at telling me you're a student and I'll be happy to help!
what if i'm not satisfied?
I'm confident that you'll love your Mastermind Starter Kit because of all the amazing value it contains. If, however, you're unsatisfied with your purchase, and you can show me that you've implemented all of the steps in the plan and were not able to start your mastermind group, a refund is possible within 7 days of purchase. Please note that customers who request and are granted a refund will have their access to all starter kit materials, including the membership area, immediately revoked. Still have questions? Email
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